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Aoki's MMA Pound-for-pound Rude Awakening

Aoki's MMA Pound-for-pound Rude Awakening
By: Sifu Joomla

Dream Lightweight Champion Shinya "Tobikan Judan" Aoki shocked the world when he broke Sengoku Lightweight Champion Mizuto Hirota's arm on purpose then made the dirty finger on Hirota's face and ran around the ring giving the whole of Japan a new year's nasty welcoming. Aoki's very disturbing un-sportsman conduct after the fight overshadowed his superior grappling skills. Aoki the WAMMA undisputed lightweight champion showed sick Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills by submitting Hirota via reverse kimura (arm lock) with both legs on an almost like body triangle controlling Hirota's posture and putting more pressure on the locks.

This Lightweight megafight between DREAM and Senguko champions was one of the highlights on the New Year MMA pound for pound Fields Dynamite K-1 event. A very anticipated lightweight battle that had both fighters on a heated exchange of words, giving more spice and excitement. Senguko's Hirota is a powerful technical striker who posses a one punch knockout power and utilizes his legs and knees as a dangerous weapon. Aoki wasted no time in taking the fight to the ground. He did not give Hirota any chance to throw those vicious strikes. Aoki immediately shoot for a single leg takedown and got successful when they hit the ropes. Pulled Hirota's body down and established full mount position in seconds. Aoki controlled Hirota's right arm by holding the hands at the back of his body giving Aoki the free ticket. Aoki's control gave him open shots on Hirotas head. Aoki pulled Hirota's arm and continued on twisting even after hearing the bones snapped. Hirota did not tap even when he still had the chance, prompting Aoki to continue on his submission. Hirota's MMA lvl of fighting is no match to Aokis' Jiu jitsu. Aoki has already fought big grappling competitions and faced the likes of WAMMA Undisputed Heavyweight pound-for-pound Fedor Emelianenko.
The Aoki middle finger incident and new year's bone breaking treat received a lot of mixed reactions. Aoki went over the line when he broke Hirota's arms even when he heard the first bones snapped. The MMA community is asking the organizations to look into this. Aoki fought on emotions, and it is very very dangerous for an MMA fighter to get emotional. He might loose control and hit the opponent on illegal areas or break some bones on purpose. The very disturbing after fight antics followed when Aoki celebrated by showing the dirty finger to the Japan crowd and pointed his arm showboating the submission win. A rude awakening will come to Shinya Aoki's way when the whole of MMA community and combat sports world rally against his disturbing act of violence inside the ring. I can still recall Aoki calling out BJ Penn and saying he can handle Penn's level of fighting. If that’s the case, give the showboat his fight so he gets to experience the Hawaiian beating. That's awakening.

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