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10 Best Pound for pound MMA knockouts of 2009 - 2010

10 Best Pound for pound MMA knockouts of 2009-2010
by: Sifu Joomla

Mixed-Martial-Arts world ended 2009 with its share of controversies, stunning upsets, memorable title defenses, and fighter breakthroughs. All of these fights share one thing in common, Big knockouts. In every great fight card, a dangerous striker's hand always finds a place in an opponents head. One punch, a killer knee or devastating head-kick can put a loud mouth to shame. Stories behind the knockout makes the pounding sweeter. Fighters calling up other fighters but ended sleeping in the mitts instead. One fighter literally ran out the cage in shame. Here's a 2009 countdown of the best MMA knockouts from UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, K-1, and Affliction.
10. WEC 42 - Brian Bowles Vs Miguel Torres

August 9, 2009. WEC #1 Bantamweight contender Brian Bowles' stunning knockout to former Champion Miguel Torres. Just when the world thought that Torres was unstoppable and will dominate the striking on anyone who challenges his reign. Round one started with undefeated Bowles showing excellent boxing skills, landing clearer shots and good counters. Bowles rocked Torres early when he caught him in the chin. Torres easily recovered and moved forward on Bowles. Torres' defense on the ground was excellent even while he was hurt that led him to stand up and strike again. Torres kept the pace by going after Bowles, exposing his defense instead in the process while he was throwing those punches in a very bad position. Bowles had a clear view on Torres exposed head and delivered the knockout shot, jumped on him and finished the business. Torres had just defended his title in WEC 40 against Japan's Takeya Mizugaki, after Bowles pulled out from the card due to back injuries.

9. Strikeforce: Evolution - Cung Le Vs Scott Smith

December 19, 2009. Strikeforce former Middleweight champion Cung Le's comeback to cage-fighting after retirement and doing movies. Scott "the hands of steal" Smith spoiled the celebration. Le had the fight in his corner for two rounds landing devastating kicks to Smith's body. In round 3 Le's tank gassed out. His kicks began to telegraph giving Smith the advantage to close the distance. It took Smith 3 rounds of patience to smash Cung Le's nose with heavy punches.

8. K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 - Alistair Overeem Vs Ewerton Teixeira

December 5, 2009. Strikeforce former Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem's K-1 world grand prix fight against Brazilian World Karate Champion Ewerton Teixeira. All of the K-1 fighters are eyeing for Overeem after he made some remarks belittling K-1 level of fighting against MMA fighters. Teixeira was up for the challenge on knocking Overeem out when they met in the quarterfinal round, but the former Strikeforce champion was just too quick and powerful for him. Overeem got a tight Muay Thai clinch on Teixeira's neck very early in round one and hit him with devastating knees to the head. Sending the Brazilian down.

7. UFC 96 - Matt Hamill Vs Mark Munoz

March 7, 2009. Matt Hamill's evolution from top wrestler to an excellent striker solidifies. Mark Munoz in his UFC debut suffered brutal welcoming from Hamill. Munoz was throwing hay-makers on a very patient opponent. Caught Munoz unexpected with perfectly timed head kick. Putting Munoz to sleep before he even hits the ground. Knocked out cold. Hamill coming from TKO win over Reese Andy in UFC 92, added this one to his resume.

6. UFC 101 - Anderson Silva Vs Forrest Griffin

August 8, 2009. Former Ultimate Fighter winner turned UFC Light Heavyweight (205 Lbs) Champion Forrest Griffin calls on Middleweight (185 Lbs) Champion Brazilian Anderson "the Spider" Silva to face him in the octagon for a 205 pound battle. Silva already moonlighted the 205 division by beating James "the Sandman" Irving in a 1st round TKO. Silva is the reigning #1 pound-for-pound fighter. Griffin thinks he can face Silva's speed and technical fighting. Middleweight class was cold for contenders and Silva was out of fight, "the spider" Silva squared off with Griffin in a very one sided OUT CLASSED fight. Silva can predict Griffin's telegraph kicks for a mile. Every time Griffin comes forward, he pays. It’s like watching a big white guy thinking he is the bully, but ended being the "BIG JOKE". Silva danced in front of Griffin's punches, like he was schooling him out. Griffin felt Silva's power even with those very short punches. Got knocked out with a left hook even while Silva was back pedaling. Forrest Griffin ran out of the Octagon when he regained consciousness in total shame.

5.UFC 96 - Shane Carwin vs Gabriel Gonzaga

March 7, 2009 Brazilian Jiu jitsu Black belt Gabriel Gonzaga on his way back to the top after winning a brutal 1st round knockout over Josh "heavy handed" Hendricks in UFC 91. Shane Carwin also coming from a previous TKO win was the underdog in this fight. Two big grapplers who can throw a heavy punch, one must come down. And Gonzaga suffered the fate. The two big guys traded powerful punches early on. Carwin ate two heavy shots and took an immediate take-down attempt from Gonzaga. The Brazilian got the take-down but wasn't successful on any offense after that. Carwin was able to escape Gonzaga's mount and stood up, pure wrestling power. After the clinch the big guys traded shots and Carwin hit Gonzaga with a crushing right over-the-head punch. The Brazilian was out cold.

4.Affliction: Day of Reckoning - Vitor Belfort Vs Matt Lindland

January 24, 2009. Vitor "the Phenom" Belfort continues his winning streak in fashion, by brutal knockouts. Faces off with veteran Greco Roman wrestler Matt "the Law" Lindland. Belfort fought smart, kept the fight in the middle of the ring. Dictated the striking distance to make the fight a boxing match. He is the faster fighter and has way better boxing skills than Lindland. Both guys on a southpaw stance circling in the direction of the opponent's power shot. Almost threw the same punch at the same time. BANG! Lindland fell and Belfort was all over him. This was the most wicked knockout of 2009. Lindland actually threw the punch first and after like a split second Vitor threw the same, Vitor's was just so fast that it landed first. This former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion was made famous for fastest MMA knockouts. Most of his fights end in the first seconds of round 1.

3.Strikeforce: Fedor Emelianenko Vs Brett Rogers

November 7, 2009 Fedor "the Last Emperor" Emelianenko debuts with Strikeforce against unbeaten powerful puncher Brett Rogers. Rogers Just came from a stunning KO upset against Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andre "the Pittbull" Arlovski which was also KO'd by Emelianenko in an M1 Global event. Rogers was the top heavyweight contender Strikeforce can match for the Russian born Emelianenko. Round 1 got bloody when Emelianenko ate Roger's left jab. Broke the Russian's nose. Blood was all over Emelianenko, now in danger of having the fight stopped . Emelianenko instead took the round great. Hit Rogers with powerful combinations and took him to the ground. Emelianenko survived round 1 bloody but did not show any signs of gassing out. He's breathing using his mouth due to that broken nose. Round two. Fedor surprised Rogers with a lightning fast over-the-head punch, hit him hard. Rogers fell. Referee Big John McCarthy had Rogers take additional shots from Emelianenko before realizing it was done.

2.UFC 98 - Rashad Evans Vs Lyoto Machida

May 23, 2009. Two unbeaten fighters. Wrestler vs karate. UFC Light Heavyweight champion Rashad Evans first title defense was his last. His wrestling plus boxing combination was no match to the karate style Lyoto "the Dragon" Machida is using. Machida grew up in a Dojo, and is a son of a shotokan karate master. Evans knew the power Machida has. Machida knocked out heavy puncher Thiago Silva. Evans stood and waited to counter punch against the elusive Machida, but ended eating the bait instead. Machida hit Evans with a heavy shot to the head. Sensing that Evans got rocked, Machida went berserk. Threw a lot off punches. Evans had the worst beat down in his career. Evans' first loss. Machida won the belt along with the cash for "knockout of the night".

1.UFC 100 - Dan Henderson Vs Michael Bisping

July 11, 2009. Dan "hendo" Henderson had the chance to shut Michael "the Count" Bispings' mouth. Henderson was just waiting to unload that big right hand when Bisping walk right into it. Bisping fell into the ground stiff eyes rolled out. Knocked out cold. Henderson delivered a finishing blow to the mouth before the referee had the chance to stop the fight. Both guys coached the reality TV show "The Ultimate Fighter 9 - USA Vs UK". Bisping threw a lot of bad talks against the Olympic hall of famer and 2 Time PRIDE Champion. During the show Bisping bad mouthed and disrespected Henderson and the rest of the USA team.

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