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2009 UFC Year of Controversy and scandals. The Ultimate Fighting disputes..

2009 UFC Year of Controversy
By: Sifu Joomla

2009 gave MMA fans the best cards there is despite of the numerous fighter injuries and contract problems. A lot of fights were cancelled, but were replaced with a better card. New upcoming fighters making their way and showing their worth. As the mixed-martial-arts sport evolved, fighters grew along with it. Fighters becoming more and more dangerous in their striking skills and on the rubber guard as well. The race on who’s got the best techniques and combo's in reinventing a one dimensional fighter is huge.

Fight Academies and training camps are on a scientific approach in studying different style combinations, then they apply the best combos that suits a given fighter on a predetermined opponent. They tend to mix styles to counter an opponent's strikes. Every fighter's aim now is to finish fights. They can't have the fight to go to the hands of the judges. Fighters train hard to end the fight or else they'll suffer the sad truth on MMA. BAD judging and the so called "Gift decisions" for organization favorites.

MMA is still a growing sport that suffers from its mistakes. In the Ultimate Fighting Championships or better known as UFC these controversies are common. One example. Whenever a fighter is being groomed for a next big event and you'll fight him now, you already lost. Even if you dismantle the opponent in all rounds and it went to a decision. They will not give the loss to the favorite. This year UFC happens to collect their share of controversies, in their biggest events with their biggest names.
Machida ate Shogun’s overhand punch.

One unforgettable controversy was during the October 24, 2009 UFC 104 title defense of current Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto "the Dragon" Machida against the former Pride champion Muay Thai striker Mauricio "shogun" Rua. Machida is a world class karate black belt known for his elusiveness and powerful counter-striking.

Machida's no loss record makes him an impossible opponent to dissect. Machida is very good on imposing his will against an opponent, with the opponent thinking that he is the one dictating the fight. A very killer deception. When Machida and Rua face and squared it off on the octagon, it was different. The one thought to be unstoppable is being owned.

Rua had properly studied Machida's timing and did not fell into his traps. Hitting Machida with his Muay thai strikes. The fight went five rounds with Machida unable to answer. Rua landed the most strikes, but when the judges’ decision came. Rua Lost.
Vera hits Couture with a vicious kick.

Another controversy was the November 14, 2009 UFC 105 Randy Couture Vs Brandon "the Truth" Vera. Couture, a UFC Hall of fame MMA fighter who held UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight championship belts is returning to LHW division. Looking at Couture's UFC record, he can easily get championship fights in the UFC. He was one of the so called "UFC marketing made champions" with the likes of Forrest Griffin. During the fight all Couture could do is push Vera to the fence.

Vera landed very clear damaging leg kicks all three rounds. Couture is a Greco Roman wrestler, but Brandon came out stronger. Brandon easily shoves and pushes Couture away during the clinch. Couture pushed Vera to the fence all night in DEFENSIVE MODE so Brandon can't strike him. Couture made sure Brandon can’t strike him, but ended Couture of not having ANY strikes. He just kept on holding Vera, until even the referee got bored for non-action and had them restarted. Vera's strength was impressive. He can easily escape Couture's clinch, and punish Couture on the way out. Then came the decision. Vera lost.

These are the sad truth MMA fighters have to face. Even if they kill themselves training, once they put themselves in a very bad position. It's over. UFC favoritism is not a fiction but a fact. Dana White doesn't like Roy Nelson to win TUF 10 and he's vocal about it. Kimbo Slice can't fight Mixed-martial-arts, but he is giving UFC quite a revenue. A Dana White favorite Kimbo even has he's own weight class. Whoever wants to fight him have to go to a catch weight.

I say it again, MMA is still a growing sport. The sad thing is, the sport is getting corrupted. But it learns from its mistakes. Boxing went down before when money took over, MMA hopefully won't be next.

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