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Marijuana, the other "M" in MMA?

Marijuana, the other "M" in MMA?
By: Sifu Joomla

NO. MMA stands for Mixed-martial-arts and marijuana has no place in this sport. How in the world did toking joints came to the picture? I can’t blame any fighter who smokes weed for positive recreation and relaxation. Unlike alcohol and those drugs made in laboratories, weed doesn't make the toker act like stupid maniacs on crack but instead have a positive smiling attitude. Stoned fighters don't get advantage over an opponent but steroids and other illegal performance enhancing drugs do. MMA fighters on painful chronic illness like migraine use marijuana for pain control and relaxation. Fighters on medical marijuana medication trains without having problems and still put up a good show. MMA marijuana users are being stripped of their wins while steroid stuffed fighters are getting away. Weed is not a performance enhancing drug. In California MMA fighters caught positive in marijuana use faces a three to six-month suspension and $500-$1,000 fine. The fine will never hurt a prize fighter's purse and they can spend the suspension time in training until the next fight comes. In Nevada, drug-related suspensions are treated on a case-to-case basis, fines a six-month suspension and escalates for repeat offenders.
"I’m a fighter. I fight back. I’ll speak out as much as I want on the issue. I believe in fighting for my rights." Nick Diaz said.
One of the most vocal on his pro weed stance is Strikeforce's Nick Diaz. Diaz a Stockton, California native was the first WEC Welterweight champion. He will be fighting on January 31st 2010 for a chance to steal the Strikeforce Welterweight title against dangerous striker DREAM 2009 World Grand Prix Champion Marius Zaromskis. Diaz was scheduled to fight on the August 15th, 2009 "Gina Carano Vs Cris Cyborg Fight" but was cancelled from the card when he failed to show-up in his pre-fight drug test. In Japan Diaz got stripped of his win when he fought Takanori Gomi in Pride 33 160 pound catch-weight battle, which he won by a stunning gogoplata submission. The win was overturned after results show positive presence on levels of THC - Marijuana compound found in a marijuana user's system. Diaz is an excellent boxer, he made name for knocking out Legendary Frank Shamrock. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under Cesar Gracie. Cesar Gracie himself is no stranger to this marijuana on MMA related issues. March 2006, Gracie was tested positive for Delta 9 THC and was suspended for three months. A very respected Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, Cesar is a 3rd generation Gracie produced superb submission black belts with the likes of Strikeforce Middleweight champion Jake Shields, David Terrel, and the other herb user Nick's brother Nate Diaz.

December 13, 2006 Ultimate Fighter winner Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez - a very fit and excellent conditioned athlete, was suspended for 3 months when tested positive for Delta 9 THC.

Coming from a successful wins Both Diaz brothers are put to test again, skills will be watch and scrutinized. They have to face their battles inside the octagon and the personal attack to their freedom outside.

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