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Fedor Emelianenko Vs Dan Henderson: 5 Reasons people need to see this historic MMA battle.

1. This MMA square off will determine who needs to retire from the sport. Everyone is saying that the great emperor should hang the gloves. We'll see.
2. Henderson's wrestling matches Fedor's Sambo. This is exciting!
3. Can Henderson catch Fedor with the "H-Bomb". Fedor is a tactician and definitely respects that power.
4. Can Fedor still deliver..?
5. Fedor is still relevant and will definitely give ZUFFA excellent revenue when they handle Fedor Emelianenko in fighter/promotion/PPV marketing.

ZUFFA knows how to sell the worst fighter, even if on paper a fighter shows lots of loss record or he gets knocked out in his last fight. With good marketing they can still make you look good... because people buy the stories they read on "Press Releases" thinking those were real news but instead are products being marketed. If Zuffa gets Fedor its a WIN WIN WIN situation..triple win! UFC, Fedor, and the fans.

Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko (Russian: Фёдор Владимирович Емельяненко, tr. Fyodor Vladimirovich Yemelyanenko) (born September 28, 1976) is a Russian heavyweight mixed martial artist. He has won numerous tournaments and accolades in multiple sports, most notably the Pride 2004 Grand Prix and the World Combat Sambo championship on four occasions, as well as medaling in the Russian national Judo championship.

Daniel Jeffery Henderson, (born August 24, 1970) is an American former Olympic wrestler and current mixed martial artist fighting for Strikeforce. He is the current Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion and was the last Welterweight 183 lb (83 kg; 13.1 st) and Middleweight 205 lb (93 kg; 14.6 st) champion of Pride Fighting Championships. He was the only mixed martial artist to concurrently hold two titles in two different weight classes in a major MMA promotion. Henderson is also the UFC 17 middleweight tournament champion, the 1997 Brazil Open lightweight tournament champion, the 1999 RINGS King of Kings tournament champion, and the Pride 2005 Grand Prix welterweight tournament champion. Henderson also owns the Clinch Gear MMA apparel brand. As of May 2011, Henderson is ranked the #10 light heavyweight in the world by Sherdog and #2 light heavyweight in the world by Fight! magazine.Many consider him to have the best chin in MMA history, never being knocked out in MMA competition. He is known for his thunderous[peacock term] right hand, nicknamed by Mauro Ranallo as the "H-Bomb".

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