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Mixed Martial Arts, a pound for pound combat sports popularized by Brazil's Gracie Clan. Gracie Jiu Jitsu schools would go a test their skills by fighting all different styles of Martial Arts. Creating and eventually started the revolution of Mixed martial arts tournaments.
Hélio Gracie, had 19 professional fights in his career. He began his fighting career when he submitted professional boxer Antonio Portugal in 30 seconds in 1932. In that same year, he fought American professional wrestler Fred Ebert for fourteen 3 minute rounds. The event was claimed to have been stopped because Brazilian law did not allow any public events to continue after 2:00 AM, but in an interview Gracie admitted that he was stopped by the doctor due to the high fever caused by a swelling, and he had to undergo an urgent operation next day.

Gracie fought Polish professional wrestler Wladek Zbyszko in 1934, who was billed as a former world champion, for three 10 minute rounds. Even though the wrestler was almost twice Gracie's weight, he could not defeat him, and the match ended in a draw. Gracie then defeated Taro Miyake, a Japanese professional wrestler and judoka (practitioner of judo) who had an extensive professional fighting record and worked for Ed "Strangler" Lewis in the United States of America.

MMA expanded and reached almost every end of the WORLD. UK has the British BAMMA, in Phillipines the URCC and Fearless, Singapore Martial Combat which is being aired on ESPN.

Other Martial Arts are already incorporating other styles for them to reach another level in mix fighting. Yaw Yan in Philippines are putting in Jiu Jitsu moves aside from their crisp stand up fighting. Boxing punching prowess plus their Muay Thai attack attitude.

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