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Caught on tape! MMA referee decision making and clear bias controversy, What now Commissioner?

"Steve Mazzagatti is the worst referree" said UFC President Dana White. True! If there's a controversy then it's Mazzagatti. UFC 81: Breaking Point,bout between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. When Mazzagatti stood up the fight after Lesnar hit Mir in the back of the head, and for NOT stopping the fight quickly when he tapped out. And at UFC Fight Night 14: Silva vs. Irvin, when Anthony Johnson was repeatedly poked in the eye by Kevin Burns, resulting with Johnson could no longer continue fighting, Mazzagatti stopped the fight, giving Burns the TKO victory. The infamous "time-out" in Rob McCullough vs. Jamie Varner WEC Lightweight title fight in order to get Varner's mouth piece back in, then allowed him to recover. 

"Mazzagatti, as a referee?" White said. "This f**king guy shouldn't even be watching MMA on TV, let alone refereeing it. I think he's the worst ref in the history of any fight business, ever. He's horrible. We don't pick the refs. The athletic commission does. Those guys are picked by the government. It's not that I don't like him, he's a nice guy. He's an absolute nice guy, he has no business whatsoever being anywhere near mixed martial arts."

The other pound for pound worst ref is Dan Miraggliota, this guy took Steve's throne. I can't stop laughing when I watch that fight when Miragliotta kept on saving Dan hardy from harm. When Hardy was ground and pounded, they were stood-up. Then everyone was like, what the? Then when a flying knee came, Miragliotta came to the rescue and pushed Hardys opponent. So he wont get hit! What's with protecting Hardy? Then when I read the video's title it was "Gay referee saves his lover!". Funny! Now let's ask the commission. What's the commission's say? 

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