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Now you can defend yourself and fight those muggers! Learn street MMA.

The world is not a safe place, it's the truth and we have to accept it. Open your TV and watch the news, you'd see a lot of them. We just can't trust every person around us, we don't know what they're thinking. Muggers are bullies with knives that wants more and has the guts to do it. And they will!

The first defense is always running away. Don't fight back, run! But what will you do when you are already trapped in a situation and running isn't an option anymore? You got to learn how to turn the situation into your advantage, but how? All you need to learn is how to use your environment as your ally and your knowledge as your offense.

Street MMA - The principles of Mixed Martial Arts as applied for non-sport situations. There seem to be fewer mixed martial artists interested in this as compared to sport MMA, though the number of practitioners is growing. In practice, many, though not all, of the persons doing this come from a Jeet Kune Do background, and sometimes call what they do Jeet Kune Do (ex. Matt Thornton, Erik Paulson)

Most Street MMAers believe that sport MMA merely needs some changes in strategy (less emphasis on staying on the ground, more weapons awareness) and the addition of some techniques to become highly effective for the street. By far the most common addition to street-oriented MMA is Filipino martial art (FMA) training, due to its emphasis on, and practical use of weaponry, primarily the stick and knife.
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