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Why is Floyd Mayweather Jr often called "Gayweather"? Top 5 reasons.


Try to visit any combat sports website that has boxing in it. You'd get comments for sure, about Floyd Mayweather Jr's actions. Go to youtube or any social-networking sites. The world wide web reacted and everyone reacted big time. So whats with Floyd Jr.? He's the undefeated boxing prodigy, right? So why are we getting these comments denying him his number 1 pound for pound claim. One keyword always come up in every page "Gayweather". Here are the most common reasons why..

1. He's not working and not even helping to make the fight with Pacquiao happen, but instead NEVER runs-out of reason for the fight not to.

2. He's just after the publicity and hates it that Manny Pacquiao gets all the attention. He needs it for marketing value and still be relevant to the sport.

3. He fights a lousy game, he'd rather win with another "reason" "because of... because that... because its legal". The people wants to see some boxing.. fight right and make the fight interesting. Not just win "because of".. but win beating up your opponent to prove superiority.

4. He fights lower weight division fighters and fought elite fighters that were out of their prime.

5. Floyd Jr is a woman beater. He was accused of domestic abuse against the mother of three of his children. Mayweather was also charged with grand larceny for taking the woman’s iPhone.

The police report from that night details how Mayweather’s kids escaped the house and ran to a nearby guard station — and in the video, you can see all three kids entering the station.
Police cars can be seen pulling up and, about 15 minutes later, Harris can be seen being taken out on a stretcher as she clutches her head.
CLICK HERE to watch the video for yourself!

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