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ZUFFA's Strikeforce lifeline. "The Mayans Prediction" ... its 2012.

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Funny, right? We don't need these predictions to know when its going to end. Everything's pretty clear and history tells us how Zuffa LLC deals with their MMA competition's buyout.

"Business as usual". The same words come out, then after a few months business is gone. When ZUFFA purchased PRIDE, they said business as usual. Then fighters were jumping to the other promotion and the other one is dying.. then gone. Same as WEC, weight classes were removed and fighters went to UFC. Then gone. So are we going to expect differently with Strikeforce's fate? Same words right? Same fate.

Showtime's dea1 with Strikeforce will end 2012 and their champions are already jumping to UFC. Same road, same results. Guess the Mayans predicted it right, and its 2012.

Here's a bit of history of ZUFFA purchases..
IFL - In July 2008, there were reports of the IFL's possible purchase by the UFC. That same month, Joe Favorito, former IFL senior vice president, cited financial troubles for the closing of the company on July 31, 2008. Anonymous sources stated that Zuffa had bought the IFL. Other reports cited the UFC's airing of IFL footage on its programming, and the signing of previous IFL fighters, as an indirect confirmation of the purchase.

WFA - On December 11, 2006, Zuffa acquired the ass3ts of the World Fighting Alliance, and formed WFA Enterprises, LLC. as a subsidiary to handle these ass3ts, including select fighter contracts. On the same day, it was reported that Zuffa was formalizing plans to buy World Extreme Cagefighting, to be run as a separate promotion from the UFC.

WEC - Following the purchase of the WEC, Zuffa made several changes to the promotion. Including modifying the WEC's cage, transferred a focus on lighter weight classes, gave the ability to host events in Las Vegas, and the championships of fighters who were contracted UFC fighters were vacated. On October 28, 2010 Dana White announced that the WEC would be merging with the UFC in early 2011.

Pride Fighting Championships - On March 27, 2007, it was announced that Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta were acquiring the assets of Pride Fighting Championships, the UFC's largest rival, from Dream Stage Entertainment. To handle the take over, the Fertitta brothers created a new corporate entity to handle the ass3ts, Pride FC Worldwide Holdings LLC. With common ownership in place, Zuffa and Pride Worldwide would be working closely together. Although goals of reviving Pride were not realized, many of Pride's assets, including contracts with fighters and intellectualproperty, are now regularly utilized by the UFC. **

Lorenzo Fertitta is the company’s CEO and Chairman while Dana White runs the day-to-day operations. Zuffa is co-owned by Fertitta brothers (40.5% each), Dana White (9%) and Sheik Tahnoon of Abu Dhabi (Flash Entertainment) (10%).**
"Who knows what's going to happen? The way this thing works is, it depends on Showtime. The ball's in their court. They need to decide whether they want to keep Strikeforce around or not," Dana White.

“Extends to 2014″ does not necessarily mean that the original term does not end in 2012-Showtime may just have option to extend for 2yr term." Fight Lawyer.

** wiki
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