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READ you UFC DIE HARD FANS..! Main Reason why watching other MMA event's way better than UFC.

UFC definitely has the biggest names in mixed martial arts. The fighters who fought their way into the BIG LEAGUES, no argument these fighters are the best in the world, but the question is why are they giving poor performance compared to-when they were still fighting in smaller shows? Simple, afraid of getting that pink slip.

So if you wanted to see real fighting, fighters giving it all out to get noticed by uncle Dana. Watch Bellator, M-1. for example has animals signed up to them, world class Brazilian and Russian world bjj sambo or muay thai champions. See them bang and beat each other out. Most even entering with perfect or almost perfect records. Tha'ts where I want to watch real skills being showed. Pity those fighters now in UFC, they had the skills but just have to play it safe, now it's not about the fight but about the win.

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