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UFC Georges St Pierre Champion's heart questioned, why not go with Diaz? Scared homie?

Former Strikeforce welterweight champ and UFC pound for pound welterweight king were suppose to clash in UFC 137 for a battle of champions, originally scheduled October 15, 2011 at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England. ZUFFA knew that this will be a big sellout since these two guys are both at the top of their divisions. But the thing is GSP is always in a very dangerous position against the bad boy from Cali, Diaz's style is built to NEGATE all of GSP's tools.

This puts ZUFFA in a thinking situation, they don't want to loss the ongoing hype about the Anderson Silva Vs GSP Superfight. Although it kind of went down when people saw how slow and telegraph St Pierre's punching are and he doesn't have power on those hands when he fought Jake Shields. It even became a joke because before that fight GSP said "don't blink", and the people didn't blink and saw what? GSP landed his best shots to a very flat footed guy's chin and nothing happened. People then realize GSP against Silva is irrelevant anymore because it showed he really isn't in Silva's level. So MMA fans are now crying for Silva vs Jones instead.

ZUFFA realized the best opponent to give GSP's credibility back is by fighting the next top guy in the division. But as expected UFC will always find a reason so their prized fighter wont be in a dangerous beat-down situation. Smells like Mayweather Jr or the likes of Lesnar I'm in then I'm out marketingstrategy.

GSP is in danger because..
His boxing is so slow and it won't work against Diaz. Diaz fought Zaromskis and Daley in their own game and he made them look like amateurs. He was able to slip through their fast strikes and countered effectively. GSP is methodical in his approach and wins, he wont fight you standing if your a striker and wont fight grappling if your good in the ground.

* With Penn he used his size since Penn is fast and good in striking, lay and pray style.
* With Kosch he used boxing, Koscheck can out-wrestle GSP. (tho he lost before.. think?)
* With Hardy, tried submitting him but then it showed to grappling world that GSP doesn't know how to pull one of the most basic submission "arm bar". He tried pulling Hardy's arm downwards the body position instead of pulling it up.
* With Shields, box with him since he knows how good Shields control with wrestlers on the ground and his flawless submission. Shields easily manhandled Henderson on the ground.

Ok. So that would mean, he can't box with Diaz it would look like another Silva Vs Griffin, He can't shoot and wrestle because when it comes to the ground GSP knows what this Gracie bad boy can do.

So the question now goes to Mr. Georges St-Pierre. Champions fight champions... Champions seek to fight other champions to prove superiority. Are you into that? or you're just another Mayweather Jr? It's not a question of I can't and won't fight him because... because of this because of that. But the question is will you fight him? Go the Pacquiao way and seek the best, make it happen! Are you scared Homie?

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